SQL Server 2017 – DMV – sys.dm_os_host_info

I always love to get my hands dirty with new features of SQL Server. I was exploring SQL Server on Linux, and at a point, I had to check the operating system details of the Linux system. Being lazy to figure out Linux OS command to check the operating system details, I started figuring out […]

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Install SQL Server Agent on Ubuntu (Linux)

With the release of SQL Server vNext CTP 1.4, the SQL Server Agent support is included. It enables DBAs to schedule any task using a SQL Server Agent Job on Linux machine. In this post, I will explain how to install the SQL Server Agent package on the Ubuntu system. Before you start installation SQL […]

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SQL Server 2017 – DMF – sys.dm_db_log_info

The release of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 brought a lot of very interesting new features. One of them is the addition of DMF sys.dm_db_log_info. It allows having a look at the structure of the transaction log without using the undocumented DBCC LOGINFO command.  DMF – sys.dm_db_log_info It returns VLF information of the transaction log file […]

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SQL Server 2017 sys.dm_os_enumerate_fixed_drives

In SQL Server 2017,  you can use the new DMV sys.dm_os_enumerate_fixed_drives to identify free disk space. The DMV is replacement of xp_fixeddrives. Old way

New Way

I wish Microsoft could have included the capacity of the drive. Not including the drive capacity requires the DBA to perform additional computations to extract the information. […]

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