In my previous tips, I explained about install RHEL Server on the virtual machineinstall SQL Server 2017 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Install SQL Server Command-Line Tools on RHEL. In this tip, I will explain how to install SQL Server Agent on a Linux server, so we can create SQL Server jobs to schedule repetitive work.

Before you start installation SQL Server Agent, you need to have SQL Server 2017 running on a RHEL System. To show the SQL Server Agent package installation process, I will be using SQL Server  2017 instance which is running on the RHEL system. 

In the below image, you can see that the SQL Server 2017 instance is running on the RHEL system. But, the SQL Server Agent is showing disabled because the SQL Server Agent package is not installed on the Ubuntu server.

Install SQL Server Agent

  • Connect to your RHEL Server either using PuTTY or directly login to the server by keying a valid username and password.

  • Switch to root user (superuser)

  • Install the SQL Server Agent on the machine now

  • Once you install the SQL Server Agent package successfully, you need to restart the SQL Server to enable the SQL Server Agent.

  • Reconnect/Refresh the SQL Server instance to check the current status of SQL Server Agent.

You have successfully installed the SQL Server Agent package on the Ubuntu System. Hope, you enjoyed the SQL Server Agent package installation processes!!!

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